Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

May 9, 2005

Dear Dr. Hartley,

Thank you for submission of your manuscript "The fold of barstar and the composition of its hydrophobic core". Sadly, after some discussion and careful consideration, we have decided we cannot offer to publish your study.

It is Nature Structural & Molecular Biology's policy to return a proportion of manuscripts without sending them to referees, so that they may be sent elsewhere without additional delay. Decisions of this kind are made, often on the advice of regular advisers, when it appears that papers are unlikely to succeed in the competition for limited space.

In this case, while we feel sure that your work will be of interest to others working in this particular area, I am afraid we are not persuaded that the findings will be of immediate interest to a majority of our broad readership. This concern is substantial enough, in our view, to preclude publication in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

I am sorry we could not be more positive on this occasion.


Michelle Montoya, Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

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